The Call of the Wild

I found Sacchi Green’s call for submission for Wild Girls, Wild Night: True Lesbian Sex Stories and knew right away this was the call for me. I had written stories like this for years to thrill and entertain my girlfriend, never thinking anyone other than us might be the least bit interested in our private little games.


As soon as I read the description of what Sacchi wanted, I knew exactly what story I wanted to share. Sacchi’s words were, You put something of yourself into everything you write. You know you do. Now it’s time to take a deep breath, go that extra step, and write an erotic story firmly grounded in truth.

It was our second anniversary, and we were finally settling into a comfortable place with each other.     I wanted to do something special, something besides the usual. There was always something in her eyes and in her touch that led me to believe she wanted more, something a little wild. I planned and teased her for weeks, not knowing exactly where that night would lead. Thirty two years later—she still has that same look in her eyes, and I am still happy to oblige.

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed both living it and sharing it.


Kat’s House

 My shift ended at eleven. It had been a good night; no one went to jail and I was still alive. I changed into street clothes, grabbed my jacket and helmet and headed for my Harley.

“Want to grab a bite, Lynn?” Michelle yelled from the elevator.

“Got to go. Kate’s cooking tonight.”

I drove home trying to figure out what Kate had planned. Our first Anniversary had been a very nice, romantic dinner. We made love until sunrise. I could do that again for number two.

Apparently, my girlfriend had other plans. Taped to my front door was a large, white, printed card, guaranteeing something was going to be different about this anniversary. It was some sort of menu, complete with a fancy logo. The Kat-House.

I stared at the words.




Each had a list of shocking options.

How could she know? What did she know? There was only one way to find out.

I opened the door and entered another world, a world I had only dreamed about. Everything in our living room was different—walls draped with black velvet fabric, furniture layered with satin and fur throws, pillows everywhere. Soft sultry jazz music and candlelight completed the mood.

Kate stood in the living room doorway. She looked completely different from the woman I had kissed goodbye this morning before leaving for work. Tonight, she wore a black tuxedo jacket with long tails and satin lapels. It opened in the front to a V closing just under her bellybutton…ring? The small gold hoop was new too.

I flicked it with a fingertip. “Very sexy.”

“Welcome to The Kat House, I’m Kat,” she said, her voice low and sultry.

Leading me to the large leather chair we cuddled in to watch television, she said, “Please, have a seat. May I remove your boots?”

“Yes.” My heart was pounding. I had gone from mild worry to feverish lust in mere seconds.


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Beyond words…

Just a year ago I was an aspiring writer. Now I am a published author. WTF? When did this happen and where do I go from here? I have been writing dirty little stories for years. I used them both as an outlet for my veracious sex drive and as enticement and entertainment of my lover and our very close friends.

I looked into publishing many years ago and at that time Lesbian Erotica was still somewhat taboo to most publishers. Even the women’s presses did not look kindly on my style of lesbian life. You pretty much had to be a feminist with a strong distain for anything straight and that included fucking. Well I like to be fucked. Hard and deep until I come all over us both. I just prefer a woman do the fucking. I also prefer she be physically and emotionally strong and capable of handling any resistance I may offer.

I feel like I’ve finally arrived. In many ways I have. My first novella Lessons for Laura was published by 1001 Nights Press earlier this year and is doing very well by our standards on Amazon in its first quarter. I just got word that my first anthology submission was accepted by Cleis Press for Sacchi Green’s newest Hot Lesbian Erotica offering, Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Stories, due out Spring 2013. Finally, I just completed a teaser that will be available very soon and a longer work expected to publish with 1001 Nights Press in late fall this year.

As with most rewards in life there are people to thank. Those important people who stood beside and behind me, who pushed and pulled me as I took the journey to success.

First I’d like to thank my wonderful, adventurous, supportive, and inspiring girlfriend, JR.

I’d also like to thank a few others. In the The Erotica Readers and Writers Association, Adrienne, Bob, and the gang gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and explore new options. Through them I have developed personal and professional relationships that led me here.


Zander Vyne edited my first short story. She polished it to a fine shiny finish that got it accepted on its first submission. Her time and patience with a novice was an extraordinary learning experience. Thank you, Z. We did it, and I even have a contract.




Sharazade both edited and published Lessons for Laura. I was more nervous about this one then the first. It was going to stand out there all on its own. No fellow authors to share the spotlight, just me. Shar walked me through the process and helped me understand what was important in both writing and publishing.


1001 Nights Press is a quality publisher, and I am proud to be represented by them. Shar has also committed to my next few offerings and I look forward to a long and successful relationship with her.

And last but not least, to my children. They taught me how to live in the moment and to enjoy and appreciate the little things.

So I wanted to share this rewarding moment in my life with all of you and wish for you similar moments. Thank you all for believing in me.